About us

FoodSector P.S.A is a technologically advanced analytical and research laboratory with full specialist service in the field of microbiological, chemical and nutritional analysis of food products, feed and food-related materials.

FoodSector is a dedicated section of the CosLab group that has been serving national and international professionals in the chemical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries, including processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers for nearly 20 years.

In 2022, we decided to open a new food department in our laboratories – using all our potential and experience.

At FoodSector, we are committed to providing high-quality services, offering our customers fast, reliable and accurate testing, thus delivering reliable research and analysis results. Our staff are industry professionals with many years of experience in every aspect of laboratory research: from microbiology and food chemistry to product formulation and processing. Each analysis in our comprehensive range of services conforms to international standards and research methodologies. We only use official and approved methods that meet national and international standards of proficiency, thus ensuring unquestionable test and analysis results.

In addition to our analytical services, we also provide on-site and off-site consulting for research, development and troubleshooting related to food and food-related material processing. We offer advice to our clients who need help with protocols and / or quality control validation procedures. We also provide hygiene in production plants by providing materials for sampling and analysis for the implementation of environmental monitoring programs.

We conduct all procedures with the utmost care and confidentiality based on the experience gained. We remain in constant communication with our clients to promote a good understanding of laboratory evaluations and data results. Our reports are generated in a user-friendly format, and our scientists are always ready to answer any questions or concerns.

FoodSector is a Polish family business with no ties to any networks or foreign capital forcing specific preferences. Our goal is solely the interest of our client and his market success by providing high-quality comprehensive solutions ensuring food safety, water quality and environmental health. We are food safety business partners who only act as an extension of your facilities to keep production on schedule and ensure a smooth business flow. We strive to make your products stand out in a highly competitive market.

Customer success is our success!