Food analysis

FoodSector offers you a range of food analyzes for products belonging to the following groups:

      • coffee,
      • tea,
      • cocoa,
      • fruit and herbal teas,
      • meat,
      • offal and meat products,
      • poultry,
      • offal and poultry products,
      • milk and dairy products,
      • alcoholic beverages,
      • vegetable and animal oils and fats,
      • fish,
      • seafood and their preserves,
      • sweets and confectionery,
      • dietary supplements,
      • foods for particular nutritional uses,
      • vegetables and vegetable preserves,
      • mineral waters and soft drinks,
      • delicatessen products,
      • cereal grains and cereal and flour products,
      • herbs and spices.

Polish and European Union legislation obliges food producers to include certain information on the label of a foodstuff, including the nutritional value of a given product.

FoodSector Laboratory offers you a research package including nutritional analysis:

      • energy value,
      • fat content:
        • including saturated fatty acids,
      • carbohydrates:
        • including sugars proteins,
      • salt.

Our company also offers you research on:

      • the content of metals harmful to health:
        • lead,
        • cadmium,
        • arsenic,
        • mercury,
        • tin (for canned products),
      • content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – benzo [a] pyrene and the sum of benzo [a] pyrene, benz [a] anthracene, benzo [b] fluoranthene and chrysene,
      • fatty acid profile, content of nitrites and nitrates,
      • the content of vitamins A, D, E, K, C and group B,
      • preservative content:
        • sorbic acid and its salts expressed as sorbic acid,
        • benzoic acid and its salts expressed as benzoic acid,
      • sweeteners content:
        • acesulfame K,
        • aspartame,
        • saccharin and its salts,