Supplier audit

Supplier audit is a basic tool for optimizing the process of monitoring and managing the supply chain. It allows you to indicate potential risk areas. It consists in checking the effectiveness of the implementation of the requirements set for producers by recipients.

Conducting an audit will allow you to increase the effectiveness of cooperation with the supplier. And knowledge about suppliers and their organizations has a positive effect on building lasting partnerships.

Supplier audit gives the opportunity to learn about the functioning of a given organization, including in the field of:

      • company strategy,
      • the quality and size of the work of human resources,
      • experiences,
      • quality assessment system,
      • machine park,
      • logistic possibilities,
      • product specification,
      • subcontractor databases,
      • potential risk and the possibility of its minimization.

The FoodSector service in the field of supplier audit is targeted at retail chains, restaurants and shopping centers.

We offer an audit carried out by qualified and experienced audit staff. We provide you with:

      • confirmation of compliance with legal and quality standards,
      • identification and assessment of potential risks resulting from cooperation with the supplier,
      • identification of shortcomings and areas requiring improvement,
      • an objective and independent assessment of the supplier’s organization.

Qualified staff of FoodSector auditors offers to audit suppliers according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

The scope of the service includes 5 stages:

      1. Analysis of the supplier’s documentation in the scope covered by the audit.
      2. Schedule the audit.
      3. Conducting an audit.
      4. Preparation of an audit report.
      5. Handing the report to the client and discussing it.

Thanks to the audit carried out by professionals, you will gain:

      • identification and minimization of business risk,
      • control of compliance of suppliers’ activities with the provisions of the contract,
      • document flow checks,
      • control of operations and business processes,
      • a complete system for verifying the quality of delivered products.