Consumer research

FoodSector offers you consumer tests which are one of the forms of marketing research. The evaluation of the offered product may be subject to such criteria as, for example:

      • appearance,
      • package,
      • taste,
      • smell,
      • ease of use,
      • application width.

The purpose of consumer tests is to assess the satisfaction of potential customers with a given product and to obtain information on possible changes leading to an improvement of the product in relation to the preferences or suggestions received from the consumer. The following can be tested: prototype products, ready-made products, products that have been changed compared to the existing ones, as well as packaging.

Verification of the preferences of target consumers needs may translate into many elements of the company’s operation, which may include:

      • brand promotion,
      • sale,
      • increasing trust,
      • building popularity,
      • saving money.

Among the consumer research carried out by FoodSector you can find:

      • qualitative research methods:
        • individual interview,
        • group interview,
      • quantitative research methods
        • preference research,
        • comparative tests,
        • evaluation of products,
        • packaging and concepts.

This type of research will help you understand the attitudes and preferences of consumers, as well as factors that influence purchasing decisions, in order to best refine and match the product to a given group of consumers.