Research to maintain the quality standard

Food quality is a set of biological, physical and chemical characteristics and properties of a product that determine the ability to meet the consumer’s needs. Quality is of increasing importance due to the requirements that must be met by the member states of the European Union. In addition, the increase in consumer awareness and strong competition on the market of food products affect the process of developing new, more accurate methods of quality assessment.

Due to the growing expectations of consumers towards food products, FoodSector offers you a series of tests assessing the quality of products and its maintenance over time:

      • sensory analysis,
      • consumer research,
      • laboratory tests, among others:
        • density determination,
        • determination of humidity,
        • dry matter determination,
        • determination of the quality of fats,
        • determination of the acidity level,
        • designation of the extract,
        • determination of the content of nitrates (III) and (V).
      • microbiological testing.