Environmental monitoring in food production processes

Maintaining the appropriate physicochemical and microbiological cleanliness is an important aspect in food production. In accordance with applicable regulations, the manufacturer is obliged to control the entire production process, starting from the raw material, through the entire production cycle, to the finished product.

Testing samples taken from the area of ​​food production and marketing is an effective way to detect and counteract pathogenic microorganisms that can get into food products. Microorganisms on the surface of machines, devices and even on the hands or clothes of employees can be a secondary source of contamination of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

The main goal of monitoring is to obtain and interpret the results of environmental research in food production processes, which will allow for taking action in the event of non-compliance. Early detection will make it possible to prevent food contamination that could affect the quality of the manufactured product or human health.

FoodSector obtains information on the hygienic conditions of production within:

      • the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection system for surfaces,
      • machines and devices,
      • microbiological quality of air,
      • employee hygiene.

The offer is directed in particular to:

      • food producers,
      • producers of packaging intended for food products.

Types of microbiological purity tests carried out by our company:

      • air testing with the sedimentation method,
      • surface examination by means of swabs,
      • surface testing (countertops, walls, clothing) using the contact method,
      • testing the cleanliness of employees hands using the contact method.