Food product development

The development of food products is a key and critical stage that requires looking at a wide range of aspects in the design process, including selection of the appropriate recipe, market positioning, determination of the source of raw materials to meet the expectations of customers in terms of quality, organoleptic characteristics: taste, smell, appearance, texture and ensure compliance with applicable regulations on the local and target market.

During reformulation of existing products, a change in the composition of a foodstuff may be caused by:

      • the desire to adapt the product to current trends,
      • willingness to meet the expectations of consumers,
      • striving to develop a vegan version of products,
      • striving to develop a natural product,
      • the desire to enrich the product with bioactive substances,
      • striving to develop a product with reduced caloric value.

FoodSector Laboratory offers comprehensive food tests, including:

      • analysis of the composition and nutritional value using physicochemical methods,
      • microbiological testing,
      • analysis of food additives,
      • conducting consumer research,
      • comparative research with the optimization of food sensory quality,
      • testing the stability of the production process by assessing food samples from different production batches,
      • developing specifications for food products.