About company

FoodSector P.S.A is a technologically advanced analytical and research laboratory with full specialist service in the field of microbiological, chemical and nutritional analysis of food products, feed and food-related materials.

FoodSector is a dedicated section of the CosLab group that has been serving national and international professionals in the chemical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries, including processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers for nearly 20 years.

In 2022, we decided to open a new food department in our laboratories – using all our potential and experience.

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According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), food safety is the activity of which is to ensure the protection of the consumer against the protection of financial resources. Systematic systematic research is a guarantee of gaining safety and security.

Recipes and technologies

FoodSector carries out projects related to the preparation of recipes for new products and the technology of their production. Thanks to a qualified team, you will obtain: high quality service, originality of recipes and product compliance with current standards.


FoodSector offers facilities for production and commercial companies that can implement new products without incurring costs, without the R&D department in the structure of their company. We develop new food products, including dietary supplements, functional foods and foods for particular nutritional uses. Our offer also includes fodder, fertilizers and plant protection chemicals.


Agriculture and food production closely related to this sector of the economy are the most important industries in the world. Both the obtained crops and the manufactured products require high quality and safety.

Commodity exchange

Customer panel

The Customer panel is a tool that will allow you to easily and easily place an order, track its implementation, and obtain a test report.