Novel food

Novel food – novel food – in accordance with Regulation 2015/2283 is food that was not used for human consumption to a significant extent in the European Union before May 15, 1997.

This group of foods includes:

        • newly developed food,
        • innovative food,
        • food produced with the use of new technologies and production processes,
        • traditional food from third countries not placed on the Union market on a large scale.

Before placing a novel food on the market, the Commission must issue an authorization, for this purpose the manufacturer must fulfill certain conditions:

        • the food may not pose a risk to human health based on the available scientific evidence,
        • it may not mislead consumers, especially if it is intended to replace another food, and it differs significantly from it, e.g. in nutritional value,
        • when intended to replace another food, it does not differ from that food in such a way that its normal consumption would be detrimental to the consumer.

FoodSector offers you the development of food recipes that meet the conditions set by the European Union along with the necessary documents to register it in the EU list of novel foods.