Feed mixtures

Feeds are one of the elements influencing the final quality and safety of meat from slaughter animals, poultry, fish and animal products (eggs, milk). Animals fed with fodder poor in nutrients or with the presence of undesirable ingredients (e.g. mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, pesticides) will not develop properly, which may result in a slight increase in muscle mass, but also products from them can be obtained in smaller amounts, as well as worse quality. The condition of grasslands and the feed produced from them also affects the condition and health of animals, their welfare and the quality of animal products.

Properly selected feed ingredients and balanced nutrition of farm animals is particularly important with their proper development and, most importantly, with production results.

FoodSector will create a feed mix appropriately selected in terms of nutrition for a given group of farm animals. In accordance with the relevant standards, but also your preferences, we will create a feed mixture so that the animals fed receive carefully selected complete feed, which will contain a rich composition of vitamins and minerals, positively influencing the health and development of animals.

Feed quality

Too high concentrations or the presence of undesirable ingredients in meat and animal products may be a reason for the product to be disposed of (costs), so it is worth checking and controlling the quality from the very beginning. Consumers buying a given product must be sure that the food they consume has passed the appropriate tests and is safe.

Additional services offered by FoodSector help to ensure the quality and safety of fodder so that your company does not endanger both animals and consumers. Conducting feed tests in our company will give you a guarantee of compliance with the currently applicable regulations and standards.

We offer services for you in the field of:

          • tests showing the presence of mycotoxins,
          • assessment of moisture and bulk density to ensure that the product does not deteriorate until it is used, and at the same time it will keep the right consistency and density,
          • pesticide tests,
          • tests showing the presence of veterinary drugs,
          • determination of the analytical composition of feed (protein, carbohydrates, fat, individual amino acids, minerals, vitamins).

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