Recipes are an important part of a food production facility. They are the key to maintaining the repeatability of the product, both in terms of its organoleptic features as well as quality and safety. Following the recipes allows you to produce food in accordance with applicable standards and legal regulations.

FoodSector offer

We will prepare for you:

a). Recipes:

        • for the fruit and vegetable industry (jams, marmalades, jam, silage, pickles, concentrates, etc.),
        • for the confectionery industry (recipes for cakes, pastries, sweets, dessert concentrates),
        • for the baking industry (recipes for bread, rolls, salty snacks),
        • for the carbohydrate industry (starch syrups, starch hydrolysates and many others),
        • for the dairy industry (ripening, processed and cottage cheese, milk drinks, yoghurt, ice cream)
        • drinks (including tea and coffee blends),
        • spice mixtures,
        • vegetarian and vegan food and its components,

In addition, we offer a restaurant menu development.

b). Manufacturing technologies from laboratory to industrial scale.