Dietary supplements

We create recipes for dietary supplements from scratch

The right formula and original composition are the key to success.

FoodSector offers the development of an original and original recipe for dietary supplements. Recipes are developed by specialists, based on extensive knowledge of recipe development and production technology.

The prepared recipes meet the requirements for this type of product in Poland and the European Union. Our specialists follow the latest legal regulations every day and constantly expand their knowledge to guarantee you a high-quality service.

In addition, we develop technological and production documentation and define the CCP – Critical Control Point for a given technology.

In addition, FoodSector offers the adaptation of your existing recipes to market and legal requirements.

We offer the development of recipes for dietary supplements, including:

          • supporting the immune system,
          • supporting the digestive system and slimming,
          • supporting the nervous system,
          • affecting the condition of nails,
          • hair and skin,
          • strengthening joints and bones,
          • vitamin and mineral,
          • for athletes,
          • containing plant extracts.