Food for special purposes

In accordance with the Food Safety and Nutrition Act of August 25, 2006, “food for particular nutritional uses” – is a food which, due to its special composition or preparation method, clearly differs from commonly consumed food and, according to the information on the packaging, is placed on the market for particular nutritional purposes:

        1. people whose digestive and metabolic processes are disturbed or people who, due to a special physiological state, may benefit from the controlled consumption of certain substances contained in food – such a food may be described as “dietary”,
        2. healthy infants and toddlers aged from 1 to 3 years.

The above Act defines 8 basic groups belonging to foods for special nutritional uses due to their intended use:

          1. infant formulas, including infant milk, and follow-on formulas, including follow-on milk,
          2. complementary foods, including processed cereal products and other foods for infants and young children from one to three years of age,
          3. foods used in reduced energy diets to reduce body weight,
          4. dietary foods for special medical purposes,
          5. foods that meet the body’s needs during intense physical exertion, especially for athletes,
          6. foods for people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes),
          7. low-sodium foodstuffs, including low-sodium or sodium-free dietary salts,
          8. gluten-free foods.

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