Recipes and technologies

We create new recipes

The food products market is becoming more and more demanding. Food producers trying to catch up with the competition try to introduce new products to the market or improve the existing ones, which will satisfy consumers and encourage them to buy. FoodSector carries out projects related to the preparation of recipes for new products and the technology of their production. Thanks to a qualified team, you will obtain: high quality service, originality of recipes and product compliance with current standards.

We offer cooperation in the field of:

      • developing recipes for new food products and supplements,
      • adapting existing recipes to changing market requirements,
      • developing technologies for the production of food products and supplements,
      • preparation of production documentation,
      • developing research methodology.

In the other tabs in the Recipes and Technologies section you will also find information and services provided for a given tab, regarding:

      • food products,
      • dietary supplements,
      • feed,
      • plant protection products,
      • fertilizers,
      • novel food,
      • special purpose food.

Food for special purposes

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