Animal welfare

Animal welfare is determined by three basic elements:

– natural, biological, functioning of the animal (which, for example, means that the animal is healthy and well-nourished),

– emotional state (lack of negative emotions such as pain and chronic fear),

– the ability to express certain standard behavior.

The World Organization for Animal Health states that an animal is in good welfare if it is healthy, properly housed, well fed, capable of expressing inborn behavior, and does not suffer from pain, fear and stress (WOAH, 2008).

In the regulations of the European Union, the subject matter has received many regulations. The 2009 Lisbon Treaty defines animals as sentient beings (Article 13 of Title II). Council Directive 98/58 / EC on the protection of farmed animals lays down rules for the protection of animals of all species (including fish, reptiles or amphibians) kept for the production of food, wool, leather or fur or for purposes other than farming. These principles are based on the European Convention for the Protection of Farm Animals and reflect the so-called “FIVE FREEDOMS” otherwise known as the Animal Welfare Code:

        • freedom from hunger and thirst,
        • freedom from discomfort,
        • freedom from pain, injury and disease,
        • freedom to express normal behavior
        • freedom from fear and anxiety.

Our laboratory offers support to animal breeders in all research and implementation of procedures aimed at improving the well-being, living conditions and happiness of animals.

Animal welfare is important for both ethical and economic reasons.

We offer a full range of services in this area, from simple analyzes and selection of the appropriate feed to the appropriate arrangement of living quarters for animals, care products and dietary supplements.

As a novelty on the Polish market, we also offer research using artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the distributed cameras and specific tasks, we observe the behavior of animals and analyze their problems to find the right solution.