Plant protection products

Plant protection products, which are substances of natural or synthetic origin, are used to protect crops. Depending on the content of the product (composition and type of chemical), its effect may be different:

          • the effect of the product on undesirable plants (weeds),
          • pest elimination,
          • protection against diseases and fungi,
          • they can also regulate growth and support development and other biological processes important to crop development.

Systematic care of plants is a very important task for a farmer to achieve the intended goal and obtain a rich harvest. In addition, plant protection products are used to keep plants in a healthy condition and to protect them against undesirable factors.

The formulas of plant protection products developed by FoodSector at the Customer’s request can be used in various areas of agriculture: horticulture, horticulture, nursery and forestry. You will receive a guarantee that the formulas created by us are in accordance with the currently applicable standards and regulations.

FoodSector offers an individually tailored service related to the preparation of recipes for plant protection products and other agrarian preparations in the form of:

          • liquid preparations for dilution (concentrates, gels, emulsions),
          • solid preparations for dilution (powder, granules),
          • plant protection products and other ready-to-use preparations.