FoodSector offers facilities for production and trade companies that can implement new products without incurring costs, without the R&D department in the structure of their company.

We develop new food products, including dietary supplements, functional foods and foods for particular nutritional uses. Our offer also includes fodder, fertilizers and plant protection chemicals.

We plan, advise and implement production lines to plants at the customer’s request.

We provide a modern research and implementation laboratory that develops concepts and a ready design for the production of innovative products. A detailed offer is available in the Recipes and Technologies tab.

We offer microbiological, physicochemical and organoleptic tests during the implementation of new products in order to achieve high quality products.

We carry out all the necessary tests and documentation to start production as well as register and sell products.

Our passion, knowledge and experience combined with the company’s facilities and an efficient, potential customer sales network are able to ensure the launch of an interesting, new, high-quality product on the market at an unprecedented time.

Thanks to the consumer research offered by our laboratory, we can adjust the products to the expectations of consumers.

The market of food products, including dietary supplements, is a particularly developing industry. Producers face extremely rapidly changing trends and consumer preferences.

To meet the needs of companies that do not have or have a poorly developed research and development department, FoodSector offers the development and implementation of new technologies, based on the knowledge and experience of our staff.